Nadia Dodd is a predominantly self-taught artist and illustrator currently residing in the Fraser Valley. Though it’s been her life-long dream to be an artist, she has only recently decided to pursue this passion.

Drawing since before she could walk, Nadia would spend hours in her highchair happily coloring and scribbling. As she grew, she told anyone and everyone how one day she would be an artist. She dreamed of working for Disney and spent the majority of her childhood drawing and creating princesses on every scrap of paper she could find. She took violin and watercolor lessons as a young child, and a variety of art classes in high school, including photography and private lessons in soft pastels. After high school she found she didn’t have much time to devote to her art, working full time to earn a living.

Now, mother of two school-aged children, she is eager to pursue a career in art. Nadia has a unique perspective of the world, painting bright and bold silhouettes and sketching whimsical, female figures, revealing her vivid imagination on paper and canvas. Nadia is always pushing her creative limits and trying new things. Her recent work includes a children’s colouring storybook, a book for her baby nephew, logo designs for small businesses, T-shirt designs, and a variety of commissioned paintings. She has also submitted a painting the last four years to her local gallery’s Anonymous Art Show fundraiser.

Nadia is eager to see what the future holds as she continues to express herself with colour, painting and drawing whatever comes to mind and inspires her.